Whether you simply want to refresh your home or you are a business looking to keep your premises clean and pristine for on a regular basis, Assured 24 should be your first call.

Our carpet cleaners have years of experience and our state of the art equipment ensure that your carpets will not just be clean, they will be hygienically clean.


Why choose Assured 24?

Child & pet safe chemicals
We don’t just use e only use products specifically tested to be safe for use around children.

Professional cleaning equipment
A higher percentage than you may imagine of our work is finishing off work undertaken by someone else whose equipment simply wasn’t capable of shifting the stain(s) in question. Why take a chance and end up paying twice. Our prices are extremely competitive so you get the best of both worlds.

Highly trained operatives
We use experienced, certified and vetted technicians with expert knowledge so you get the best service every time.

Experienced with delicate materials
There are few fabrics we haven’t encountered and we regularly run in-house training sessions to refresh and update our carpet cleaners’ knowledge. No matter the style of carpet or nature of stain, we can clean it.

Eco-friendly & biodegradable products and procedures
We use the safest chemicals available, safe for you and safe for the planet.

Flexible working
When you’ve left it to the last minute or forgotten to tell us in advance, our cleaners are used to fitting around office and retail premises so we don’t just work 9-5. If you have an urgent or unusual requirement you can call Assured 24 with confidence that we can help.

Quick drying times
The latest technology and products allow us to get your carpet back to its best in no time.

We move furniture
We’re aware some firms insist that you clear an area first but we understand that this is not always possible and can arrange to clean a space prior to cleaning the carpet if required.

Tough stains dealt with
Traditionally some stains were troublesome but with our cutting edge technology and innovations in cleaning chemicals we can handle almost anything you can throw at a carpet.

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    We are so very thrilled with the service we get from Assured 24. As an event manager for a mass participation event, it is extremely important to us that our site is secure and that the security staff can be trusted implicitly. We have had a few different security providers over the years and since we’ve worked with Assured 24, we will never go back. We certainly feel assured by the attention to detail and confident that we can concentrate on delivering our event safe in the knowledge that the Assured 24 staff will be there, in many cases, doing over and above what they’re required to.

    Sarah McMillan

    10k for Men Event Manager, Men’s Health Forum Scotland