At Assured 24 we pride ourselves on both the professional nature of our staff and the personal touch we bring. We work in tandem with our clients to make sure that we provide a perfectly tailored service fitting your budget, schedule and any other requirements you may have.

We’re pro-active and flexible and our cleaners are fully trained so that we can efficiently and easily ensure that your working space is clean, comfortable and creates the right impression to staff and visitors alike.

Each member of our cleaning team has been extensively trained so that they deliver:

Pristine Cleaning
We coach each and every staff member to complete each task to the highest possible standard. We instil a work ethic that focuses on the end result, namely creating a spotless and professional work environment without disrupting the operation of the business. Our staff are trained to be courteous, presentable and helpful.

Our staff arrive when agreed, plain and simple. Whether you contract us for a one off clean or commit to a regular cleaning contract, you can do so safe in the knowledge that we will do what we say we will, when we say we will. 

We do much more then just dust and hoover. If you have a specific cleaning requirement then get in touch to discuss your specific needs and we’ll tailor a plan just for you.

While we pride ourselves on our exceptional service, we know we also need to be competitive. Our ‘extra mile’ attitude is what makes us better than most but our pricing is comparable with companies far less diligent. Contact us with confidence that you’ll get a superior service at a competitive price.

Personalised Service
Every business is different and we conduct a full assessment of your business in advance of beginning work with you. This helps us get the right people deployed to your business and undertake additional training if a specific need requires it. We like to get to know your needs, layout, equipment, office hours and more so that we can complete your work as quickly and efficiently as possible with the minimum of disruption.

Spot Checking
We talk the talk and walk the walk! Using staff appraisals, spot checks and other monitoring techniques, we keep a close eye on the performance of our cleaners. Each premises can have particular elements unique to the space being cleaned. It’s these features that make your office unique and our commitment to ensuring your bespoke cleaning plan is consistently adhered to.

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    The Security Team were brilliant, and not like any other we’ve worked with.

    They were well presented, very personable to the audience and became part of the show team – safe to say we couldn’t have done it without them.

    National Theatre of Scotland