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    How do you deal with alarm activation calls at night?

    • Is it a false alarm or an intruder?
    • Is it safe to enter the building?
    • Are you or your employees insured to do so?
    • Do you really want to get up and drive to work in the middle of the night?

    The Health and Safety Executive has issued guidance on the risks of employees being asked to perform tasks on their own. They say: “It is the employer’s duty to assess risks to lone workers and take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary.” However, there is no need to put yourself or a member of your staff at risk when an alarm is activated at your business premises.

    With Assured 24 Key Holding and Rapid Response Service your organisation can be relieved of the above risks and inconvenience.

    Assured 24 will respond to alarm activations within 20 minutes. On arrival we will examine the situation, check your property and reset the alarm if it was a false activation. If it is a break in, we will liaise with the emergency services, advise you on the situation and before we leave, ensure that your property is re-secured.

    • We will take on the responsibility for your premises outside of normal working hours.
    • You will never be woken at night, resulting in tiredness the next day and lost work productivity.
    • Fast, professional response to all alarm activations 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

    Customers who wish to retain keys themselves will be accompanied by our officer, guaranteeing safety and compliance with lone worker legislation.


    Fire Alarm Response

    Who is attending Fire Alarm Activation at your premises? The Fire Brigade will expect a Key Holder to be on site within 20 minutes after the activation.

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      Assure 24 offer the complete security solution. Whether you are a business owner looking for key holding (i.e. no more having to personally respond to alarm calls in the middle of the night), one off security patrols, manned security (for receptions, warehouses etc) or you simply need someone to maintain a security presence whilst you are on holiday (domestic or commercial) then Assured 24 are the company for you. Assured 24 offer incredible value for money compared to the larger security companies so if you want the silver service at a bronze pricing structure then call Assured 24.

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